Astrocartography Request Form

I am glad you are ready to schedule a reading.  We have a simple process starting with Step 1 below.

Upon receiving your request, we will send a formal confirmation note with payment instructions (no payment is required to schedule the reading).

I am honored to be of service and thank you for selecting The Traveler's Well Astrology!  

Blessings, Wolfram, Western Astrologer

Step 1 - Birth Time - Very Important!!!!

Astrology of location requires a birth time that is exact to a 15 minute window to deliver accurate results.

If you have a documented or recorded birth time that you have confirmed via some form of documentation, please proceed to Step 2.

In all other cases, please do not proceed until you have it.  It might take time to find it, but it is worth the wait.  We want to deliver high quality results and can only do that with an accurate birth time.

Step 2 - Select Your Consultation