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A specialization I provide clients is to bring to life the story in their chart and to weave the threads of their unfolding journey from the perspective of the three dimensions of astrology: the what, when and where.

Many people have had a birth chart reading (the what aspect) or a transit forecast (the when aspect), but Astrocartography (the where aspect) is almost always overlooked even though it provides key information.

Please consider an Astrocartography reading soon to identify where your actions are most supported! 

Astrocartography Consultation Options

Interested in a consultation for a couple?

For couples, we offer a 3 consultation package.

Both partners start by having an individual consultation. That is two consultations: one for each partner in the relationship. That might be enough to meet your needs to plan where to live or where to travel.

But, if you want, we can take it one step further with an third consultation to ‘Bring It All Together’ and identify your best locations for living as a couple using each partner’s individual charts and a chart representing the couple.

Children Under Age 18

For individuals with children, the children's charts are reviewed against the best locations for the parent so that you can understand how your children will be impacted with your relocation.  We believe it is most important for the parent to be at their best locations so they can be the best parents they can be.  Per chart, the fee for this service is $25 for the US or $50 for a global search.

Astrocartography Consultation Overview

Astrocartography Reading Where To Live

I have powerfully experienced the influence of location in my own life and this why I decided to specialize in Astrology of Location.  Since 2003, I have worked full time in the field of astrology and it has been my pleasure and passion to support thousands of clients identify their most supportive locations. 

Living on supportive astrological energies empowers your efforts.  The clients I speak with are looking to energize a specific aspect of their world or to start a totally new chapter!  Many clients are Spiritual Entrepreneurs just like me looking to share their gifts more broadly with the world and I am always glad to act as a guide and coach for those efforts. 

While the location never does the work for you, it supports your efforts for:

  • growing your business,

  • attracting clients,

  • pursuing education,

  • improving relationships,

  • traveling for inspiration and rejuvenation, and

  • expanding your creativity.

Many people have had a birth chart reading (the what aspect) or a transit forecast (the when aspect), but Astrology of Location (the where aspect) is almost always overlooked. 

After each consultation, we prepare a Location Summary for each client.  Here is a sample Location Summary for you to review:

“Since my readings, I have made a very successful move to Florida and have received two career promotions. I am living more of my authentic self and continue to head toward my ‘north star’. I could not be happier. Thanks Wolfram!”
— LE, April 2014
Astrocartography Reading
Astrocartography Geodetics Local Space Reading

Frequently Asked Questions


What Are Your Credentials?

I am certified to practice Astrocartography by Continuum, which is the foundation dedicated to the work of Jim Lewis, who was the pioneer of location astrology. 

I am honored to be one of about 80 astrologers certified by Continuum.  In 2003, I received a grant from the foundation in honor of my test results. 

Continuum is an excellent resource for professional astrologers or to learn more about Jim Lewis and his legacy.

Do I Need An Exact Birth Time?

Yes.  The accuracy of the results astrology of location search depends directly on the accuracy of your birth time.  We prefer a birth time to be accurate to a 15 minute window.  We urge you to try to obtain a birth certificate with an exact birth time before proceeding with a consultation.  There are options though.  So, please drop us a line with questions.




Should I Visit a Location Before Moving?

Relocation is a major event in life and astrocartography is one important aspect to consider when choosing where to make a new home. 

It is equally important that you enjoy the qualities of the physical location, which include climate, geography, culture, demographics, and economics.

Why Does It Matter Where I Live?

The astrological energies of where we live can either support or frustrate our efforts in life.   Most people who attain success, on all levels of life, live at one of their best locations. 

When we live at a negative location, no matter how hard we try, most often, our efforts do not bring the results we seek.   Career efforts are thwarted, true love and relationships seem to slip away, we begin to feel stuck, etc.

So, by living at a location where the positive energies from your birth chart are focused to support your highest and best, your efforts are more effective and your life is more rewarding.  


Why Use Multiple Mapping Systems? 

All mapping systems have a direct impact on the quality of life at specific locations. 

I use two primary maps: Astrocartography and Geodetic

When using only the Astrocartography map, one misses the important energies of Geodetic map.  Negative energies in either primary map can weaken positive energies in the other.

I use two secondary maps:  Local Space and Parans

When all maps reveal positive energies, our most supportive locations are revealed.

Do All Locations Have Astrological Energy?

Yes, a principle of astrocartography is that every location on earth is imprinted with energy that is unique to you, based on your birth chart: 

  • some locations are positive and provide support,

  • others are negative and present challenge,

  • many locations have mixed energy, and

  • many others have little energy for you.

If you are living at a location with negative energies, there is always a more supportive location. 

The goal of your astrocartography reading is to identify your most supportive locations!

How Can I Use The Information Provided In The Reading?

The most potent way to experience the supportive energies contained in your astrocartography map is to live at the physical location. 

However, astrocartography is about more than relocation.

You can also use the information provided to identify great locations for travel to be inspired, rejuvenated and energized.  Essentially by traveling to your supportive locations, you absorb the energy and bring it back home!  This is a form of very personal, intentional travel! 

You can also use the information provided to identify great locations to target your career efforts:  speaking at or attending conferences, acquiring new clients, working with a mentor, identifying supportive employers, and targeting marketing or advertising.

A more subtle approach is that you might find yourself drawn to the culture of the location (from your current home).  An example in my own case is being a docent at a Japanese Garden, which brought the supportive energies of Japan into my world.  Also, my love of Irish folk music.


Client Testimonials

I have gotten three different opinions about this subject.

Yours was the most educational, comprehensive, and understandable.
— 2015
I have been working with Wolfram for the past three years and can not adequately express my thanks to him for his gift of astrocartography. His readings are given with tremendous clarity and accuracy and with examples that perfectly fit my style of learning.

Since my readings, I have made a very successful move to Florida and have received two career promotions. I am living more of my authentic self and continue to head toward my ‘north star’. I could not be happier. Thanks Wolfram!
— April 2014