Astrocartography Reading - One Adult


I am glad you are ready to schedule a reading.  We have a simple process starting with Step 1 below.

Upon receiving your request, we will send a formal confirmation note with payment instructions (no payment is required to schedule the reading).

I am honored to be of service and thank you for selecting The Traveler's Well Astrology!  

Blessings, Wolfram, Western Astrologer

Step 1 - Birth Time - Very Important!!!!

Astrology of location requires a birth time that is exact to a 15 minute window to deliver accurate results.

If you have a documented or recorded birth time that you have confirmed via some form of documentation, please proceed to Step 2.

In all other cases, please do not proceed until you have it.  It might take time to find it, but it is worth the wait.  We want to deliver high quality results and can only do that with an accurate birth time.Step 3 - Availability Calendar - Pick Some Dates

Step 2 - Select Some Dates

Please jot down a few dates that might work for you and let us know when you submit your form.  If anything is available sooner than your requested dates, we will let you know. 

Step 3 - Submit Your Form

Tip 1 - Pressing ENTER will submit the form.  Please use your mouse or TAB to navigate.

Tip 2 - We ask for detailed information about your relocation goals, etc.  You might want to type this separately and cut and paste into this document (just in case you have technical difficulty).   Or, you can look at the questions we ask and pass this information along separately.

Contact Information
Name *
This is the name we will use on your chart. Your name does not impact the reading in any way.
This is the number we will use to call you for the consultation (unless we agree to use Skype). Landlines tend to work better than cell phones. If you only have a cell, please do just make sure you have a full charge and are in a good reception zone.
Skype or Zoom?
City, State and Country and when you moved to this location.
Level of Astrological Knowledge
Please let us know who referred you. If you found us through the internet or some other source, please do let us know.
Birth Data
Birth Date
Birth Date
If you prefer not to send your birth data using this form, please just let us know that in the text area below "Birth Time Unknown or Uncertain". You can leave us a voice message with your birth data at 805-409-4605. IMPORTANT: MONTH, DAY, YEAR FORMAT!
City, State and Country
Exact birth time from birth certificate, including AM or PM. Provide all you know about your birth time.
Birth Time Source
For astrology of location, an exact birth time is essential. If your birth time is uncertain or unknown, please tell us what you know about your birth time.
Consultation & Questions
Please select the type of consultation you are interested in. No payment is required at this time.
Preferred Payment Method
Payment is not required at this time. Payment is required 7 days prior to meeting. If payment is not received 7 days prior to meeting, we will reschedule your appointment.
Please briefly share your present location: challenges, likes, dislikes, etc. Please share anything you wish, but it is helpful to know about your career, overall vitality, relationships and home.
Please briefly share the aspects of life you wish to energize with your relocation. For example, your career (type of work, self-employed, work remotely, need to set up a shop, etc.), or your goals for relationships, health, finances, etc. Also, please share your goals for travel.
Please share one or two qualities of the geography or climate that are most important in making your location decision. These are separate from your personal astrology, but they are important to be aware of as they impact quality of life.
For GLOBAL readings only, please share with us your preferences for relocation versus travel. For example, you might only want to live in North America. So, then searching the rest of the globe is just for travel. You might want to exclude certain countries or continents for travel. If are not wanting to travel to South America, but you have an OUTSTANDING location there, we are going to tell you about it, but we won't spend too much time on it. We are looking for perspective and focus here to make the most of your GLOBAL reading.
If you wish, please list up to 2 specific cities you want to know about. For example, the location of a potential job.
Please share any specific questions, general notes or topics you want to discuss.
From our Availability Calendar, please let us know your top three choices for meeting times.
Children Under 18
For all children, under the age of 18, who will be relocating with you, we can test their charts against your best locations so you will know how they are impacted by your relocation. There is an additional chart fee, per child, of $25 for North America and $50 for Global.
Please let us know how many children under the age of 18 will be relocating with you. We will collect their birth information separately.