Begin Your Exploration of the What, Where and When of Your Personal Astrology:

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Your Quest & Foundation - Identity & Purpose

By understanding the key signatures in your birth chart, you can take up your pen and confidently author the joyful manuscript of your life!


Your Unfolding Journey


Opportunity & Tests

Achieve conscious transformation by knowing when to take action according to your times of opportunity, testing and transformation via transits and progressions!


The Map Of Your Journey


Supportive Energies

Navigate your course by utilizing the powerful locations that will support and energize your journey via Astrocartography!


The Trilogy Package


What, When & Where

Take a holistic three dimensional view of your birth chart and journey into the meaning of the what, when and where in your birth chart.

I was, have been, so blown away by your gifts as an Astrologer.

Never ever have I had such a deep healing as a result of a consultation with an Astrologer.....

your work takes Astrology to a much higher level spiritually for me.
— K.A., Oct 2010

I also offer other specialized readings to explore career and relationships on all levels.


Astrological Guidance

I highlight the highest expression of your birth chart allowing your personal astrology to guide your journey by:

- aligning with your soul's purpose (what)

- taking action at the right time (when)

- energizing your path via supportive locations (where)