Astrology Transit Forecast Reading Options

I wish I could put into words how much this reading has helped and inspired me.
You helped me to understand some of the processes and purpose of these challenging cycles.
I am feeling more hopeful.
I really do appreciate how much thought and care you put into these readings and the work that you are doing!
— Feb 2019
I just had to write this morning and say that I am kind of blown away at how accurate your reading for me was last fall (which is in keeping with our other session with you as well). You said the winter would be kind of normal-ish in my work and that by early spring things would naturally pick up...and that is exactly what is happening... a little early perhaps as I feel like we are still in winter’s grip here in ... but golly...I am getting several calls a week from referrals to do work with folks...totally ridiculous how this is happening!

....And thank you for your gift and sharing it with those of us wandering souls looking for sign posts along the way to help us not continually freak out!
— A.R. 2018

Astrology Forecast Reading - Overview

A Timing Forecast For The Year Ahead

The ongoing movement of the planets are in mathematic harmony with a person’s unfolding dharma (or highest potential).
— Wolfram

On your unfolding journey, the most important transit is the one happening to you right now and the choices you make in response.

The planets are constantly in motion and are companions on your unfolding journey. 

Each transit occurs in the context of the transits that occurred before and build on the trajectory of your journey. 

You can achieve conscious transformation when you take action at your key times of opportunity, testing and transformation.

Opportunities.   An Astrology Forecast Reading identifies supportive times so that you can "pedal down hill" during times of opportunity to achieve greater success from your efforts.

Challenges.   Challenging transits should never be viewed as destructive, but rather as instructive.  By understanding what the challenges are asking of you, you can be prepared to use these times to grow, to become wiser and to live a more fulfilling life.

Your birth chart is a very personal reflection of who you are at a deep level and the cycles of transits that occur over the course of your life are meant to guide you, like a wise elder, toward whom you are becoming.  By learning to listen to your chart, you learn to move in harmony with the Sun, Moon and Stars and a transit forecast provides you with this information.

Wow, you’re good! Virtually everything you told me earlier this year has worked out – down to specific timing. I moved to Chicago when you said I would, I received a job offer (which I declined) when you said I would, and I joined a consulting firm (the equivalent of getting a better job) when you said I would.

I met a partner nanoseconds after deciding to move here last spring. Guess all those Venus influences kicked in quickly. We’ve become seriously involved.
— 2011