Uncertain or Unknown Birth Time

For astrology of location, we need a birth time to be accurate to a 15 minute window to deliver accurate results for you.

If your birth time is uncertain or unknown, please submit the form below and we will let you know potential options available to you.

I am honored to be of service and thank you for selecting The Traveler's Well Astrology!  

Blessings and peace, Wolfram

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City, State and Country and when you moved to this location.
Please let us know who referred you. If you found us through the internet or some other source, please do let us know.
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Please tell us everything you know about your birth time. For example, my mother says it was just before sunrise, etc. If you have a birth time you have used for other readings, let us know if you found it to be accurate.
Please provide all the birth data you have.