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If you are uncertain of which reading is best for you at this time, please submit the form below and we will present some options to you.

We ask for your birth data so that we can review your chart and see what is going on.

I am honored to be of service and thank you for selecting The Traveler's Well Astrology!  

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This is the name we will use on your chart. Your name does not impact the reading in any way.
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Birth Date
If you prefer not to send your birth data using this form, please just let us know that in the text area below "Birth Time Unknown or Uncertain". You can leave us a voice message with your birth data at 805-409-4605. IMPORTANT: MONTH, DAY, YEAR FORMAT!
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To help us determine which reading will best meet your needs at this time, you are probably asking a lot of questions or feel as though you are at a crossroads. Please share those questions with us or the major changes you are looking to make.