Core Energy Integration

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As we look to unfold a new aspect of ourselves or to share something deeper with the world, we often lurch forward and begin to take action without a lot of patience.  We do this because we are excited and enthusiastic, but then the energy often fizzles out.

Why does this energy that seemed so overwhelming powerful fizzle out?

When we act without patience, we tend to pull energy from our outer sheaths of energy those that are most quickly available to us.  These energy sheaths are not as sustaining and resilient as the energy at the core of our being, which is more grounded and stable.

As you are called to burst forward in life today, take a moment to ground and center yourself.  Allow the energy from the vast storehouse within at the core of your being to circulate in your actions.

This will result in more integration and alignment of your actions with your greater meaning and deeper purpose.  In the process, the utilization of your energy will be more sustainable.

In astrology, those with a lot of mutable chart energy might often want to act out of impulse.  But, finding a way to harness the enthusiasm for a few moments, to allow a core connection to be made is essential.

Integration at your core!

Sappho, 2016