Gaia - Embrace Your Power!

I am a big Star Wars fan and I would call this a ‘tremor in the force’.  For many of us, our foundations have been shook and we each were impacted differently, but I am sensing we are all coalescing around  a common theme:

Self-love is the ultimate expression of love and leads to oneness.

I want to explore how the astrology associated with November 2016 compared to that of the US natal chart (the collective energies of our nation) impact the energy that has emerged.


Minor Asteroid Gaia

At the time of the election, the minor asteroid Gaea was traveling at 20 of Scorpio (along with Mercury at 23 of Scorpio) in the 12th house of the US natal chart opposing the natal Vesta of the United States.

Vesta represents spiritual purity.  As a nation, we walk upon the land and our emotions go into the Earth.  Gaia is helping to support cleansing or removing layers of emotion in the country that have acted to cover up the nation’s purity.

Gaia is Mother Earth and she is not a docile force.  She is a potent force acting upon the physical conditions of our planet in order to maintain balance in the life-supporting nature of our planet.

Gaia does not expect the world to be perfect.   She does not expect that each particle of air is pure, she does not expect the water to be pure.  She does not judge the water or the air for being impure, she does not blame.   Gaia simply acts with the powerful and potent force of love to maintain balance and support for human life on earth.

As seekers of spirit, I believe Gaia has churned a bit inside each one of us in response to this election.  We feel her potency urging us forward in a new way.  She says:

Grab your courage,

Hold tight to your wisdom,

Believe that you are strong,

Trust, and

Break down resistance to self-love.

Do it now!


Collectively, we are all rising up to answer the call of Gaia and a real shift in the collective perspective is taking place.  The shift is from viewing our spiritual journey as a very private, complex, and often confusing inward to one where we first start with a simplified goal:

Self-love is the ultimate expression of love and leads to oneness.

When starting with an empowering message that is very simple – self-love leading to an expression of oneness – we can support each other from a universal and timeless place.   We recognize each other more swiftly as traveler’s sharing a common goal.  We see how our growth of spirit is directly linked to others and feel more support and we see how we can contribute.

Then, as we go inside with this goal of self-love and feeling support from the collective, old blockages and resistance weakens and we are able to fold into the arms of trust and forgiveness.

The inner work is still demanding and you need to bring forth all you have learned and apply it.

In German, there is a word called ‘Zeitgeist’, which translates to the spirit of a time.   The zeitgeist is strong right now and we can all participate!


Uranus – Father Sky

At the time of the election, transiting Uranus was conjunct the natal Chiron of the United States.  Gaia, Mother Earth, considered Uranus her equal as Father Sky (together, they gave birth to Saturn).  Uranus is awakening us collectively to the fact that life contains paradox and this paradox contains healing wisdom (Chiron) – the wisdom of oneness.

Gaia is a Goddess in Greek mythology personifying Earth and is one of the primordial Gods.  In some ancient tales, she was born of Chaos.  That is a fun concept to ponder.   Chaos represents the vastness of timeless intelligence that exists, which we often experience as chaos because we simply are unable to fully understand it.   It boggles the mind.  Yet, we know, from this intelligence all life springs forth.  It always has and it always will. As Carl Sagan said this is the ‘primordial soup’.

This intelligence and our individual soul are each timeless and are one in the same.  For you.  For me. For all of us.  Having the courage to simply allow this understanding can be our greatest source of trust and security in the world!

When we cling too tightly to control, we repel trust.

Gaia is asking us to step take a giant step forward toward comprehension of the universe and our place in it, while at the same time recognizing that we can never fully know it (Chiron’s paradox).  We can’t know all that is and that is OK.  All we know is that that Universe has never given us more than we can handle.  When our desires drew our soul forward into this lifetime, we chose this path.  Celebrate all you have handled in life and know that you will be equally safe moving forward.



As a nation, Chiron was the ultimate healer and he understood the paradox of the wounds we carry.

Just as Gaia does not expect the world to be perfect and she does not judge the purity of the elements, on our inward journey, neither should we expect all of our habits or motivations to be perfect and pure.

If Gaia were to get entangled with the elements, just as ego and emotion cause us to be entangled with the external world,  then Gaia would be caged, restricted and not free to act in all of her natural power, just as we often are.

We need to summon the power of Chiron’s healing wisdom and allow ourselves to learn from the events of our past and find the purpose in the events of our lives.  When we find the purpose behind our challenges, love and oneness are the only outcomes.  Having forgiven ourselves and others in our lives, we free ourselves from the pain of the past and we can look with love upon all other forces in the world with greater understanding and compassion.

When we start living every moment from the perspective of love, we release ourselves from the cage of entanglements caused by our emotion and ego.

Allow love to emerge from the cage!  Your timeless nature, your soul, is stable, safe and secure.  It is very best friend waiting to take your hand and walk lovingly with you along your unfolding journey when you have the courage and strength to stop resisting and blocking yourself, freeing yourself from the cage of entanglements.  This is the greatest of loves.

Collectively, we have greater power when we each do this work for ourselves.



From Gaea and Uranus, Saturn or Father Time came into being.  Father Sky and Mother Earth, brought forth Father Time.

With transiting Saturn in Sagittarius having just crossed the ascendant of the chart of the United States, we are ushering in the foundations of a new 29 year cycle collectively.  Collectively, Saturn is asking us to build the new cycle around a unifying truth for the future (Sagittarius).   So Professor Saturn is supporting these efforts of building our actions and place in society around the theme of oneness and love.


New Year

At the dawn of 2017, Gaea will be sitting on the ascendant of the US Natal Chart.  Supporting the energies of the collective to continue along this path in 2017!

Love is the source of oneness!

Let this be the year of courage.

Let this be the year of strength.

Let this be the year of trust.

Let your light shine brightly!

“Don’t postpone seeing light” – Swami Rama of the Himalayas


Sappho, 2017