Speak Now Of My Personal Truth

For some, speaking is easy. For others, speaking is discomfort.

Not just idle chit chat, but the words and thoughts that are most precious and meaningful to the soul.

In Vedic thought, Prana is life force and energy. Prana is expressed through vayus or winds. The Udana Vayu controls our energetic flow that expels air from our lungs and allows us to form language. This vayu is naturally connected with the throat chakra.

For some, speaking to express their soul’s truth and most essential needs is not easy and can be accompanied by blockage in the throat and neck. The blockage can be so strong it hurts or feels like choking.  Out of a natural desire to bypass this discomfort, the process of speaking can become accompanied by hesitation, second guessing, heavy editing, and, ultimately, avoidance, which makes forming complete, easily understood speech difficult. Again, not idle chit chat, but words that carry a deep soul connection.

So, what to do to balance this energy and eliminate the blockage?

Likely, one who experiences these blockages was not allowed to speak their truth as a child. Or, the early childhood environment was out of synch in some way with their soul and a blockage occurred because it was not a safe or supporting environment for expression. When this outward flow of energy is suppressed, blockages can arise in other energetic areas.

Given that the throat chakra is the fifth chakra, likely energetic blockages exist in lower chakras as those chakras are foundational and require exploration.  Here are some good places to start:

  • Ground yourself and know that you are safe.
  • Accept your power.
  • Know that your power is based in love and wisdom.
  • Love yourself.
  • Forgive yourself.
  • Embrace the light of your soul.
  • Recognize that your needs matter.
  • Know that your truth is worth sharing.

Some speech may need to be eliminated to make space for this new expression. A good exercise is to run words through a filter and speak only that which is:

  • Truthful,
  • Necessary, and
  • Kind

At first, speaking the soul’s truth might feel awkward or too forceful because the blockages are being overcome. Or, literally speaking very softly and slowly allowing the words to gently flow and to modulate the energy as the words are expressed. With practice, the blockages will cease to be and the light of the soul will sing to the world on the wings of precious words!


Sappho, 2016