Sublte Clarity

What makes something subtle? 

In the world of meditation, contemplation and introspection, something is subtle when it exists beyond our senses, beyond our ability to use our sensory perceptions to find meaning. 

Likewise, beyond the mind and our ability to think our way through it.

That is the beauty of subtlety.  It exists for us to discover using skills beyond our sensory perceptions; skills that we first need to re-discover.

Something we are not able to directly examine - to taste, to smell, to see, to feel, to hear - yet, we experience it, we are aware of its presence.  Its existence can be favorable or heavy and its meaning is shrouded in mystery.

When our soul sprang forth from the vast ocean through the gift of prana, our existence began.  Carried with us are the experiences from many prior lifetimes stored in our unconscious.  The skills required to penetrate and understand the deeper realms of our being simply await our re-discovery.  At certain junctures in life, we are guided or asked to explore our inner world.

We are subtle beings.

As we begin to explore the inner dweller, we meditate, introspect and contemplate aspects of our life.  As we enter the internal realm, we recognize pathways of energy that we can pierce through to gain insight into our existence.

Layer by layer, we are able to observe ever more subtle aspects of our being.  We have a conscious mind. We have a body and senses.  Breath is life and life is breath.  Beyond is the vast storehouse of unconscious mind beyond which resides our individual soul, our center of consciousness.

As the understanding of self becomes more and more subtle, pure love and light guide our way of self-discovery.

Know thyself.  Know the Lord within.

Sappho, 2016