The Continual Flow of Time - Into a New Year

Whispies (3).JPG

What is this stuff called time? 

Time is a constant flow without end.  Over the course of human history, aspects of time have been marked by the continual motion of heavenly bodies in the cosmos.  The ever shifting position of the Earth to our Sun marking the changing seasons.  As I look out my window, I see the long low shadows that mark winter.  Each new day arrives with Dawn setting the course for Apollo as he raises his Sun Chariot into the sky.

An overlay to this heavenly marking of time is our modern calendar that is marked into 24 hour periods repeating 365 times (or 366 on a Leap Year) to create days, months and years.

How to not let time run away with me?  After all, there never seems to be enough of it.  In the New Year marked as 2015, I strive to be constant.  Constant as the flowing of time - without any artificial designations - from one season to the next.

Sappho, January 2015