15 Minutes of Inspiration - Recorded

Over the course of the year, sometimes things just go sideways and we feel less confident, we feel the old patterns arising and we begin to question our path.

Likewise, life can go off the charts and demand extra action to manage an opportunity and simply need help assessing and prioritizing actions.  Or, perhaps, we also feel the old patterns arising.

At these times, it can be very helpful to request some support and guidance from the stars.

We created this recorded reading for these times.  We ask that you send us the story line of what you are experiencing at this time, the questions your are asking and the guidance you are seeking. 

Wolfram will prepare a loving 15 minute recording for you to help bring clarity!

Reading Format

  • Provided only via a recording (MP3 file sent via email).
  • Only available to existing clients who have had a Transit Forecast in the last 12 months.
  • Each recording is offered for $50.
  • Follow-on questions can only be addressed in another recording or perhaps that means a longer discussion is in order.

15 Minutes of Inspiration Request

Name *
Existing Client
We only provide 15 Minutes of Inspiration readings to existing clients who have had a transit forecast in the last 12 months.
Date Recording Needed By
Date Recording Needed By
Latest possible date when you need to receive the recording. Why do we need this? If, by chance, we can't meet this date, we want to let you know right away.
Please do share what is happening, along with all relevant dates and locations. If you prefer, you can send this to us via-mail. Please provide the essence of what is happening, your questions and the guidance you are seeking. Keep in mind that this is 15 minutes and not a full reading. Meaning, focused questions and needs are best served by this service.