Location Questions

Relocation is a major life change and a very important decision to make.  We have devised the services on this page to meet the on-going support needs of clients who have had an Astrology of Location consultation in the past.

After having an Astrology of Location consultation, questions arise, plans change or the relocation get postponed for a number of years.  In all of these cases, we want to provide you with the information you need to support your decision making right now.

Your Astrology of Location lives with you and is an essential part of your personal astrology.  An Astrology of Location consultation casts a wide net identifying all of your best and most supportive locations. 

Fine tuning is required as you navigate your course and as opportunities are presented by life. 

Consultation Format

  • Most services are recorded consultations.  A MP3 file is sent via email answering your questions and we do not schedule an appointment to meet.

  • All services on this page are only available to existing clients who have had an Astrology of Location consultation.

  • We strongly urge you to listen to the original recording of your consultation, before submitting questions about that consultation.  We will gladly resend your audio files if you can't find them.

  • Questions about THIS recording can only be addressed in another recording and not via e-mail.

  • Couples & Families:  Please submit your questions and request, but special pricing will apply due to the number of charts being evaluated.

Consultation Options:

  • Specific Location Questions:  If you have questions about the locations discussed in your consultation or have a question about a specific city, the 15 minute recording is a good fit. 

    • One of the best uses for this recording is a Fine Tuning session to drill deeply into one specific location with a thorough explanation of all 4 maps (Astrocartography, Geodetics, Local Space and Parans).

    • Note:  We also have a 30 minute option for an expanded list of questions.

    • Note:  If you did not have a Global search, Global questions must be addressed via the Global Upgrade (below).

  • Global Upgrade:  If did not have a Global consultation and have global questions or now want a global search, a 30 minute Global Location Upgrade is perfect and you can ask about specific cities.

  • Location Refresh:  If it has been years since you spoke with Wolfram or if you have overall questions related to a large region or country, then the Location Refresh of 45 minutes is best.  This reading will also look at updated temporary influences at locations. 

    • Note:  This reading can also be scheduled via a live conversation.  But, often the information is needed sooner than we can meet (which is typically 3 to 4 weeks out).  In this case, a recording might meet your needs better.

Location Questions - Quick Request

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