Astrocartography & Guidance by Wolfram

Western Astrology (not Vedic)


I am Wolfram and I am a practical and patient astrological guide. 

My passion is sharing the mythic story contained in your birth chart by weaving together astrological insights, myth and a practical spirituality to paint a picture of your chart revealing deeper insights into your soul's journey. 

By working together over time, it is my hope that you can move with greater confidence, ease and grace through the chapters of your unfolding journey and architect the life you love.

Professionally, my skill set is unique as I am certified to practice both Astrocartography by Continuum, the Jim Lewis Foundation, and Evolutionary Astrology by Jeffrey Wolf Green.  The influence of these two schools has guided my approach to astrology and the structure of the services I provide.

Please explore our site and contact us if you have any questions.  I look forward to being of service and may you move in harmony with the Sun, Moon and stars.

Wolfram, Consulting Astrologer & Astrocartography Expert,

The Traveler's Well Astrology