University of Life - Professor Jupiter

On your unfolding journey, the most important transit is the one happening to you right now and the choices you make in response.




Professor Jupiter – Inspiration and Opportunities

Professor Jupiter has a commanding presence, he is welcoming, he has a good sense of humor and he is inspiring!  He is the professor you hope to get and you look forward to his classes!  He embodies the excitement of going to college where you hope to learn about life outside the home you grew up in, to develop your own philosophy of life, and to be inspired by a vision based on that philosophy.

This is why the transits of Jupiter tend to feel good:  they inspire and prepare you for your future and what you will build in life.  Professor Jupiter wants you to live an authentic life, true to your personal philosophy and to be inspired.

It is very important to note however that Professor Jupiter will not give you a passing grade (via a reward or recognition) simply for showing up in class filled with inspiration.  He only provides rewards if you are taking action to make your evolving philosophy and vision real in your world, by honoring it, by trusting it.


Professor Jupiter’s gifts are only given to those taking action!


Pop Quizzes:  Motivation & Momentum

On a regular basis, Professor Jupiter gives you various assignments and pop quizzes so that you can build momentum (via your actions) and keep your inspiration moving forward.  As Jupiter makes sextiles, trines and yes, squares and oppositions, he is giving you the opportunity to deepen your understanding of your vision and how you relate to your vision.  When you take action at these times, even though they might not seem particularly important, your efforts build momentum and you gain more confidence.  This aligns you with the potential of receiving a reward from Professor Jupiter during his Reality Test.

These “momentum building” transits of Jupiter tend to take place a number of times each year and by being aware of these transits you can speed on your unfolding journey.  What might one of these transits look like?

A transit of Jupiter to Mercury will energize your ability to gather and communicate information related to your vision and you can gain momentum by meeting with mentors or attending a certification program.  If you simply enjoy the inspiration of this transit to Mercury and flip through brochures, without taking any action, momentum slows and the vision becomes less clear.

Paying attention to these transits and taking action in conjunction with them is an excellent way to build energy and momentum on your journey!


The Reality Test

Every so often, Professor Jupiter needs to apply a bit more energy to your world to provide you the opportunity to demonstrate how you are bringing your inspiration into reality.  Since he is the fun professor, he does this so that he can provide a potential reward or additional motivation.  At these times, Professor Jupiter seems to light a fire in your mind.  You are excited for a future that you could not have even imagined prior to Jupiter’s message of inspiration, which comes to you like a lightning bolt from heaven.

This type of inspiration appears in your world via conjunctions of transiting Jupiter to your natal Sun, Uranus, ascendant, and Jupiter (a Jupiter Return).  These are critical junctures that often align with great turning points.

These transits are so energizing that you will likely be called to action naturally.  In these examinations, if you are ‘On Track’ and taking appropriate action, what I call ‘following your yellow brick road’, then you receive a major inspiration, opportunity or reward that propels you forward with great excitement and new potentials arise.  This is often a time when we begin a new chapter or simply turn up the volume a bit!

If you “Off Track”, what I call ‘being lost in the poppy field’, then the opportunity or reward simply passes you by and it can feel deflating.  In these cases, either the vision and inspiration are not clear or it is too big or the actions to bring them into reality are not progressing.  This is a test of your determination and efforts.  Are you putting in too little effort?  Is your vision out of alignment with your personal philosophy?

It is important to note that Professor Jupiter will not give you a passing grade simply for showing up, filled with inspiration because he knows that a vision or inspiration that is not acted on, will simply fade away.

Let’s look at an example.  For a spiritually inclined person, a core guiding philosophy to gather with like-minded others in a supportive environment for healing might exist.  The vision that brings this core philosophy to life can take many shapes, but often it takes the form of building a conference center and drawing people to it.  But, since we are speaking of Jupiter who wants to make everything grand, this vision becomes very big:

  • The location must be of pristine natural surroundings.

  • The facilities must be of the highest quality.

  • The services must be luxurious.

  • The people will travel from far and wide to attend.

The vision is big and that is good, Professor Jupiter is pleased.

But, Jupiter is the King of the Gods and he directs the future of life.  In this role, he can’t sit back and do nothing.  He must take action and he expects you to take actions too.

If your vision is so grand that you are unable to take action, you might feel deflated and Professor Jupiter is not pleased.  He might be tempted to toss you out of class.  To avoid this potential, you might need to break the vision down into steps that you can do right now.  Using the example above about a conference center, actions to consider are:

  • If you are unable to proceed because you need to acquire certifications or skills, complete all the accreditations and training needed.

  • If building a center of your own is presently unaffordable, consider working for an existing organization to learn the ropes and make connections, build your expertise and establish your reputation.

  • If you are ready to test out some retreat program options, branch out on your own and provide weekend day retreats at an existing facility.

The grand vision can remain, but the actions supporting the vision’s core philosophy are great activities to continue your momentum.  By ‘dipping your toe in’, you prove to yourself and Professor Jupiter that you remain aligned with your vision.

However, you might also find you do not enjoy leading retreats, this is a good discovery to make and you can use the momentum of the transit to realign your core philosophy around a new version of the vision.

Be inspired to take action!

Class is now in session!


Wolfram & Sappho, 2016