The Road Goes Ever On and On

Life is all about progress and growth!  For this reason, I am passionate about astrology because, in my own life, I see the transformation that occurs with the major transits on my unfolding journey.  The stars deliver quiet messages (and some very loud ones too!) that provide opportunities for profound change if we heed the call!  I am grateful!

Since 1990, my life traveler and best friend has been Wolfram.  After meeting, we began a journey of discovery and exploration and quickly became citizens of the world, though, we both grew up in a land called the Midwest and that just never really leaves a person.  After 7 years in Bavaria in southern Germany, we now settled nicely into our new home in the Mojave desert!

Like Wolfram, I had a career outside of astrology prior to joining The Traveler's Well.  I was a Technology Consultant specializing in Compliance for the Financial Services industry.

Since joining The Traveler's Well full time in 2007, my world now revolves around supporting all aspects associated with the 'back office' of our business, including our technology and website.  When you contact us, I will be the one interfacing with you to do all the set up. 

Writing and speaking are a gift I am meant to discover and develop and I very much enjoy contributing to our newsletters and blogs. 

I also enjoy helping others consider their own web presence and small business marketing.  If you would like to have some discussion regarding your own web presence and plans, I would be more than happy to meet.

I am truly grateful to meet so many wonderful people through my work with The Traveler's Well!

Thank you for being a part of our journey!

 I enjoy creating videos.....

I enjoy creating videos.....