Client Testimonials

You popped into my mind yesterday… I forgot to update you… I found my ‘forever home’ in the city of LIsbon… It is well within my ‘dream’ location (well 3rd best on the planet) and I LOVE i very much.
— G, 2019
I just had to write this morning and say that I am kind of blown away at how accurate your reading for me was last fall (which is in keeping with our other session with you as well). You said the winter would be kind of normal-ish in my work and that by early spring things would naturally pick up...and that is exactly what is happening... a little early perhaps as I feel like we are still in winter’s grip here in ... but golly...I am getting several calls a week from referrals to do work with folks...totally ridiculous how this is happening!

....And thank you for your gift and sharing it with those of us wandering souls looking for sign posts along the way to help us not continually freak out!
— A.R. 2018
I can say that I just returned from a trip to LA and a brief day in Palm Springs which was listed as a top locale for me when Wolfram and I spoke at the start of this year.

I couldn’t believe how powerful it was to be there! It was a physically and emotionally powerful trip to Palm Springs and I loved it and LA as usual. I just think it’s worth noting how being in a place that Wolfram said would be supportive of me felt quite remarkable.
— - M.B. 2018
I just want to send you a big THANK YOU.

Last October I did it ... I moved to Florence and it turned out to be one of my best decisions ever.

After our session (in which you suggested to leave Venice behind) I immediately started to look for jobs. Within only a couple of weeks I found a great job and an amazing apartment in Florence.

I enjoy life here so much and I’m excited to see what transformations 2017 will bring to my life.
— January 2017
“WOW, wow. Wolfram you are so darn good....
You are so unique, with the ability to transpose charts and give so much knowledge into all aspects of the relationship dynamics and past lives.

I do not have words to explain how I feel. So grateful, thank you.

My life is so much easier now when I understand we are who we are, and we come into this world with energies that were already innate in us. Bless you!”
— March 2016
Wolfram is able, through his readings, to pin point and clarify the challenges in one’s own chart that need to be addressed and meditated on.

I’m very grateful to have his wisdom as a tool to bring my own insight into my life!
— A.R. 2013
After my relocation, work has really taken off and I’m getting invited everywhere...the work you and I did together helped me significantly.
— July 2016
I have been working with Wolfram for the past three years and can not adequately express
my thanks to him for his gift of astrocartography.

His readings are given with tremendous clarity and accuracy and with examples that perfectly fit my style of learning.

Since my readings, I have made a very successful move to Florida and have received two career promotions.

I am living more of my authentic self and continue to head toward
my ‘north star’. I could not be happier. Thanks Wolfram!!
— April 2014
Wolfram, you had done a reading for me last year and I ended up moving to Colorado when a really great job came available to me.

I cannot thank you enough for your guidance because it
has been the best place for me.

I feel more at home here then I ever have anywhere.
— July 2010
I have gotten three different opinions about this subject.

Yours was the most educational, comprehensive, and understandable.
— November 2012
I was, have been, so blown away by your gifts as an Astrologer.

Never ever have I had such a deep healing as a result of a consultation with an Astrologer.....
your work takes Astrology to a much higher level spiritually for me.
— K.A., Oct 2010
I visited one of the most energetic spots in the American continent, as resulted from the study you made of my charts.

Blessed Seattle!! The minute I stood in front of the Convention Center, the energy I felt as coming up from the Earth and just going up through me was incredible!!

I tried to bring part of the energy back with me and bought several things, among them a mug which I use every day! If Seattle was like that, I can’t imagine what Paris will feel like!! Looking forward to experiencing that and taking some writing vacations in Bali...

Thank you for being accurate and responsible with your work.
— September 2014
“When a client of Wolfram’s, AC, became so frustrated over a family relationship that she was
considering therapy, she hit a stopping point.
”I realized I couldn’t explain my mom to a therapist,” AC says.

Then she remembered her mother’s session with Wolfram.

She had listened to a tape of the session and she was amazed by how well Wolfram understood her mother’s personality. Foregoing therapy, she asked Wolfram to perform a reading of her and her mother’s charts.

During the reading he pointed out how aspects of their personalities fed into each other.

”We were able to have one of the most honest conversations in years,” she says. ‘We used it as therapy.”
— TC Metro Magazine
Thank you so much for such a clear reading.
This was a totally different experience to my previous astrology of location reading which was
mainly details of which planet was where, but not much on what it meant.

From a personal point, your interpretation helped fill in more pieces of my jigsaw and
gave me great insights into why I react/behave/feel as I do, and - something
I haven’t understand fully before - what’s driving me.
— July 2009
Our attendees at Wolfram’s workshop were thrilled to have such clear, concise material to work with.

It is great to come home with new information on an old subject and have techniques that are dynamic and actually usable!
— Julianne Johnson - Program Director, Astrological Society of Connecticut
Wolfram, you had done a reading for me last year and I ended up moving to Colorado when a really great job came available to me. I cannot thank you enough for your guidance because it has been the best place for me.

I feel more at home here then I ever have anywhere.

I just wanted to say thank you and I hope all is well with you.
— J. S. 2007
Wow, you’re good! Virtually everything you told me earlier this year has worked out – down to specific timing. I moved to Chicago when you said I would, I received a job offer (which I declined) when you said I would, and I joined a consulting firm (the equivalent of getting a better job) when you said I would.

I met a partner nanoseconds after deciding to move here last spring. (Guess all those Venus influences kicked in quickly). We’ve become seriously involved.
— D.R, 2009
We did move to Wellington (New Zealand). It indeed has been amazing on the career front and my work has taken off in a way I would never have imagined had I stayed in England.

I am so glad I am here. Thanks so much for your amazingly accurate advice.
— C.G. 2008
Wolfram saved our lives!

My husband and I were living in Southern California. He all of his life and I for 25 years. I had always felt like “Gilligan”, stranded on a desert Island when I only signed up for a “three hour tour”. I tried to leave many times before I met him, to no avail. Something unforeseen would always block my exit. Thank goodness for that or I may not have met my soul mate!

When I say Wolfram saved our lives, I really literally mean that. I have no doubt that, for me, the “half-shelf” existence I was leading on my line of Pluto, spending all of my days needlessly “Pushing Elephants up Hills” would have done me in one way or another. My husband, a visionary writer and teacher was met with one roadblock after another, and he felt quite invisible.

We took a few trips to different States trying to decide where to move. Nothing felt right. If it was right for me, then I wasn’t sure it was right for my husband. We came to the conclusion that the 2nd half of our lives deserved to be OPTIMAL! A NO HOLDS BARRED, WWF LIFE! BRING IT!

We agreed that we were now both entirely willing to be told where in this big, wide world our lives together and as creative individuals would “work”, be easier, be less stressful and grinding. I had heard many wonderful things about Wolfram and It was suggested by a mutual friend (who had also taken his advice) that I leave Southern California as soon as possible as I was steadily becoming more dare I say? crazed and ill.

During our session we were told that my chart revealed a grand cross & that there was only 1 really SUPER place in the USA for me (that’s if you don’t count Delaware, which I firmly believe is an Urban Myth- I have never met anyone from Delaware!!). Hawaii. ….Really? Couldn’t there be something little bit easier to get to?

After Hawaii, we had 2 places in Europe – so Hawaii it was. This was September 2009. We started in earnest saving and earning money to move ourselves and our kitty 2,500 miles across the ocean. We were broke from the recession, like so many other people. Let me say that a crazy amount of money came. I had faith that it was because we were finally moving to the perfect place for us, the universe would rise to meet us AND IT DID.

We moved to Maui on April 14th 2010 (Wolfram even told us the best date to move-so we did!). We have been here for 6 months and my health has returned, the kitty made it over, I’m starting to paint again and my husband is writing his books.

We live in a beautiful house for an affordable price that overlooks the ocean and Haleakala. Our days are spent pinching ourselves because we are continually astounded that we PULLED IT OFF!

Our advise to you? FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE! JUMP!

Aloha and big love to you on your journey!”
— L.P., October 2010