Wolfram - Evolutionary Astrologer

Guidance for The Long And Winding Road of life

I established my place as a leading expert in both Evolutionary Astrology and Astro*Carto*Graphy in 2005, when I delivered my first major lecture, 'Geodetic Map – Cultural Signatures, Past Lives and Current Events'.  One year later, my lecture, 'Astrology of Location, Mapping Your Soul’s Journey', outlined my comprehensive system combining the mythic themes in the birth chart with Astro*Carto*Graphy, Geodetic and Local Space maps.

My deeper gift comes from my ability to weave astrological themes with the language of classic myth and the philosophy of the Himalayan yogis into a rich tapestry that provides inspiration, clarity and a practical path to embracing the future. 

My own journey with astrology began in my teens around the same time I first met my Gurudev, Swami Rama of the Himalayas.  As an adult, travel to India and Europe further inspired and deepened my passion for astrology, classic myth and the Quest for the Grail.

Before transitioning to astrology, I succeeded in management and as a consultant and speaker.  My efforts focused on helping both individuals and organizations to identify their core values and motivations in order to help them reach their highest potential while maintaining personal integrity.

In 2003, I was certified to practice Astrocartography by Continuum the foundation dedicated to Jim Lewis who was the pioneer of modern location astrology.  In 2004, I was certified by Jeffrey Wolf Green as an Evolutionary Astrologer.  I am the only astrologer certified in both of these specialties. 

My practice is based on Western Astrology where I incorporate practical concepts for spiritual development from the Himalayan traditions in India (I am not a Vedic Astrologer).

In 2007, my wife, Sappho, left her career as a technology consultant to join the Travelers Well full time.   I alone provide all astrological consultations, but you will be corresponding directly with Sappho as you set everything up. 

Also, in 2016, I started using the name Wolfram, rather than Scott.