Solar Return Vacation - Recorded

Note: This service is only available to existing clients.

Traveling on your birthday is fun and a Solar Return Vacation can be a great form of Intentional Travel.

Be sure to request this service at least 2 or 3 months prior to your birthday so you have enough time to make plans and we have enough time to make your recording.

Each year, you have a Solar Return, which essentially is your Solar Birthday and the exact moment when the Sun returns to its natal position in the sky.  This means that your Solar Return can occur on the date of your birth or a day before or after.

The astrology chart for the exact moment of your Solar Return establishes an energy that will influence, color and support the solar year ahead until your next Solar Return.  

Since the Solar Return chart varies based on where you physically are for your birthday, you can alter aspects of this chart by taking a Solar Return Vacation. 

By choosing where you celebrate your Solar Return, you can choose the themes emphasized in the Solar Return chart and, hence, the support you will energize in the year ahead.

A Solar Return Vacation can be added to any Transit Forecast.  However, we created this page because we know this often becomes a spontaneous consideration!

Here is a PDF document with a further description of a Solar Return Vacation:

Reading Format & Important Notes

  • Solar Return Vacation Recordings are only available to existing clients who have had an astrology of location reading.

  • Wolfram will tell you about the qualities of staying home so that you understand that option as well (because we often can travel no matter how much we want to).

  • All Solar Return Vacation readings are recorded and will be from 15 to 30 minutes in length.

  • Wolfram will provide 2 to 3 locations for you to select from. The choice is yours based on your preferences, but he may have a clear favorite.

  • When you have selected a location, you can email us and we will send the Solar Return Chart to you.

  • Follow-up questions about the recording are not possible as that is essentially a new set of research. So, please make sure you send us EVERYTHING when you request the recording. So, 'well, none of those work out, but now city X is an option because I have a friend there' is a new set of research.

Solar Return Vacation Recording Request

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We only provide Solar Return Vacation readings to existing clients who have had an astrology of location reading.
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Date Recording Needed By
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Please let us know your top goals and aspirations for the year ahead. Maybe your top three objectives that you wish to support in the Solar Year ahead. Also, any special considerations. For example, I might just prefer to stay home or to visit my mother in Los Angeles.
Please let us know the geographic area you wish us to search on your behalf.
Please provide some notes about the geographic area. For example, a 4 hour plane flight from my home in NYC, only in Canada, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Take A Solar Return Vacation?

Some people elect to take a Solar Return Vacation each year because, first, travel is fun and, second, in the process of traveling for your Solar Birthday you can energize a specific intention or purpose for the year ahead.  So, if you have the luxury to travel each year on your birthday, this is an excellent way to effectively use your travel budget. 

A Solar Return Vacation is a luxury and you should only consider this astrological tool if you have the time and budget to travel. 

Likewise, it is a secondary energy to the major transits that are occurring in your life and, most importantly, living your life by honoring the blueprint contained in your birth chart.  Meaning, moving in harmony with the Sun, Moon and stars each day and honoring our life’s purpose and sharing our gifts is of primary importance.   Our goals in life are not met and our problems solved via a Solar Return Vacation.  Rather, this is one astrological tool we can use to build momentum, but it is the actions we take each day.  If you have the ability to travel, a Solar Return Vacation can energize your intentions along with celebrating your birthday!

How Do You Identify The Best Locations?

When I search for your best locations for your solar year ahead, I identify the locations where your Solar Return chart will support your goals and the intentions you want to energize in the year ahead. 

In determining locations, I am primarily using the Astrocartography Map and the Relocated Solar Return Chart.

A Solar Return Vacation is most favored when we have challenging aspects in our Solar Return chart at the location we are living.  For example, if we are not feeling vital, we would want to choose a location for the Solar Return that support health and well being and eliminate astrological aspects in our Solar Return chart that challenge physical health.  It is important to note that a Solar Return Vacation is not a medical solution to any illness.  Likewise, if we want to grow an aspect of our business in the year ahead, we need to make sure that Saturn is not limiting your opportunities in the Solar Return chart. 

How Should I Structure My Solar Return Vacation?

There is no science related to how long you should stay at the location and how you should use your time at the location, but there are some general guidelines.  The purpose of traveling for your solar birthday is to energize an intention for the year ahead.  Life is precious and this time should be regarded as precious.   A Solar Return Vacation should not be honored by simply ‘touching down’ at a location.   In today’s virtual world where we are in such a hurry, we often want to consider this type of option, but the purpose of the travel is to support an intention you have for your life and should be honored thusly.  If we do the quick in and out version, we bring the energy of a hurried pace and lack of focus into the year ahead.   Consider this as a sacred energetic time to honor highest and best and as a time to bring clarity and focus.

I recommend 2 to 3 days with time before and after the exact moment of your Solar Return (more time if traveling a great distance).  At the location, take time to journal about your intentions for the year ahead.  If you are artistic, express your intentions artistically.  If you are a healer, plan to do some specialized practices.  Or, simply do things that inspire you by visiting sacred places, gardens, or galleries.  If the dates align, it can be a good idea to attend a conference that is meaningful to you.  Be very aware and open to the world around you so that you can accept the messages the universe sends you during this very intentional travel.  If you receive strong messages or experiences, find a way for these things to remain present throughout the year via your own art, photos, journal entries, etc.   At the exact moment of the Solar Return, spend quiet time contemplating your intentions for the year ahead and perform a small ceremony that is meaningful to you.